Meals from April 2002

2002-04-01 Tomato Pesto Pasta

There’s no fooling going on here, just good cookin’. We use up the remainder of some sun-dried tomato pesto from last week’s pizza in tonight’s pasta dish. We also needed to use up some mushrooms, so we saute them and serve with the pasta. A caesar salad on the side completes the meal.

2002-04-02 French Toast and Breakfast Leftovers

We had some challah bread leftover from our Easter brunch. Not ones to let something so precious go to waste, we cook up some french toast tonight. We serve the french toast with some other leftover Easter brunch items.

2002-04-07 Fish Curry

We were going to have ice cream after dinner tonight, so we thought fish curry would be a nice, light meal. Our daughter didn’t eat quite enough to justify a trip to Moxley’s. Fortunately, we did get a nice meal for our trouble.

2002-04-09 Pasta Primavera

In anticipation of spring, we enjoy a light(er) pasta primavera. Many enjoy this dish on the first day of the season, but it just hasn’t felt like spring yet. It was over 70 outside today, Robin took the kids to the park, so we felt it best to have this before it’s too late. We don’t even have all of the fresh ingredients typically found in this dish. We use this as an opportunity to make the meal more our own.

2002-04-10 Broccoli-Tofu Stir Fry

We have been having food that is way too heavy the last couple of weeks. Despite a mild desire for some beef, we go for a light, but very tasty broccoli-tofu stir fry.

2002-04-13 Breaded Baked Chicken

We might almost classify today as a lazy Saturday, except that we ran a bunch of errands. It just had a lazy feel to it for some reason or other. It was the kind of day that might otherwise drive us out for dinner. Fortunately, we resisted the urge to dine out and were rewarded handsomely by a wonderful baked chicken.

2002-04-14 Fried Chicken

We have chicken again tonight: delicious fried chicken. Crispy, salty, juicy – so very, very good.

2002-04-15 Kale Soup and Cajun Shrimp

We’ve been dying to try some kale soup ever since we saw it on Cooking Live a few months ago. It turns out quite nicely tonight. We serve it as the first course to some cajun shrimp, which is also excellent.

2002-04-19 Fusilli with Meat Sauce

Between a fourth birthday celebration and a visit to the dentist, we haven’t had much time for making meals this week. We make up for it tonight, though! Instead of grilling leftover birthday burgers, we use them in a meat sauce to serve over fusilli. For a last minute meal, we certainly eat well tonight.

2002-04-21 Sausage Vegetable Grits

We enjoyed a very simple meal this evening – relying mostly on leftovers and pantry items. It was a very nice way to end a relatively restful weekend. On a completely unrelated note, Chris installed a faucet all by himself (something no one thought possible).

2002-04-22 Grilled Salmon

Chris stops off at Fresh Fields on the way home from work to pick up some fresh salmon for tonight’s meal. We marinate it for a little while in a soy sauce mixture, giving it an asian flair. We grill it and serve it up over soba noodles mixed with an assortment of veggies to complete the asian theme.

2002-04-23 Black Bean Chili and Fried Grits

Tuesdays are our day for eating light. Chris usually has burgers for lunch and the weekend is behind us, making it a good day to use up some weekend leftovers. Tonight, we enjoy one of our favorites, black bean chili, serving them over some fried grits.

2002-04-30 Chicken Stew

It’s been a little while since we all sat around the table, so we go for some quality comfort food – chicken stew. It took more preparation time than our typical meal, but it was well worth it. We serve the chicken and a little of the stew over rice tonight. A little habanero sauce adds a little kick.