Meals from March 2002

2002-03-01 Linguine with Clam Sauce

This is another oh-so-simple meal to prepare that’s also oh-so-good to eat. The clams, topped with red pepper flakes, give an elegant flare to the meal.

2002-03-05 Red Lentil Soup

Ugh, we’re still sick here, but we’re starting to recover (until next weekend). All we can muster tonight is grilled cheese. And some curried lentil soup which is similar to the red lentil soup from a couple of months ago. We had different vegetables on hand and we decided to make the soup more of a curry-tasting dish with the addition of turmeric.

2002-03-08 Pumpkin Pancakes

There is simply no finer meal on the Earth than pancakes and french fries. We try to be a little different tonight by making pumpkin pancakes. They are really good. We even add some chocolate chips to some of the pancakes (we weren’t sure that chocolate and pumpkin would combine well, but they’re not too bad).

2002-03-10 Chicken Burritos with Fresh Guacamole

We had dinner at Grammy’s last night and came away with some leftover chicken burrito mix. We warmed up some flour tortillas in the microwave and made some fresh guacamole to go with it.

2002-03-11 Mafalde and Roasted Asparagus

Mafalde is the main course for tonight’s dinner, which means we’re eating good. We serve it with some fresh bread and roasted asparagus. Mmmmm.

2002-03-12 The Omelet Special

This meal holds a lot of nostalgia for us. Every Saturday, when we lived in Indianapolis, we would go out to breakfast at Cafe Patachou for their omelet special (omelet of the day, cinnamon toast, and fruit salad), then head up to visit Chris’s grandfather. Tonight’s omelet special is asparagus-asiago, which rivals even memories of the best of Cafe Patachou.

2002-03-13 Bubba's Takeout

We love takeout from Bubba’s. We always get the same thing: 14 inch cheese steak sub (lettuce, tomato, mayo, provolone cheese), 12 piece order of the buffalo garlic wings, and fries. It may not be good for us, but it’s definitely good eating. Rather than paying extra for pre-packaged blue cheese sauce, we make our own.

2002-03-14 Veal Cutlets

This is a very Italian meal (and a very good meal at that). Robin consulted her Grandmother back in Brooklyn for the veal cutlets recipe. We serve the cutlets with spaghetti and sauce. A fresh caesar salad completes the meal nicely.

2002-03-16 Indoor Hamburgers

We planned on having burgers on the grill tonight, but it seems that our last meal on the grill left a little too much grease behind. After we put the fire out (turn the gas off and close the grill), we fry the burgers on the stove. They’re really quite good prepared this way. We still prefer grilling, but this was a nice change of pace.

2002-03-17 Sunday Brunch

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with Irish Oatmeal, our favorite breakfast item? Well, maybe Irish Oatmeal with blueberry pancakes and home fries.

2002-03-18 Garlic Wine Shrimp with Peas & Macaroni

We got some shrimp this weekend from Trader Joe’s with the intention of making some shrimp risotto, but didn’t realize until later that we should have gotten shrimp with shells. Always quick on our feet, we make a simple shrimp in a garlic wine sauce, which was just wonderful. It wasn’t quite enough to satisfy us, so we had the old (and yummy) standby, peas and macaroni, on the side.

2002-03-20 Mushroom Chicken Pasta

We had to use the chicken that we had in our refrigerator, so we adapt our sauteed chicken recipe to produce part of the sauce for tonight’s mushroom pasta side. Doing this not only gives the sauce a nice flavor but also makes for a common element between the two dishes tonight.

2002-03-22 Bean Burritos

Another Lenten Friday passes with a very good meal. We almost feel guilty eating like this on Friday. We add a little cream cheese to the burritos tonight to make them even creamier and serve them with some chips and fresh guacamole.

2002-03-24 Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Roasted Potatoes

We may be developing a trend here having breakfast for dinner two Sundays in a row. Breakfast is our favorite meal, so it probably is more of a surprise that we don’t have it in the evening more often than we do. Chris is the chef tonight. Fortunately, he keeps it simple so everything turns out well. Even better, the two dishes used tonight fall in the quick-but-delicious category, so we eat well.

2002-03-25 Pad Thai

We have it on good authority that tonight’s meal is very similar to real Pad (Paad? Phat?) Thai. Before tonight, we had never had this dish ourselves, but it looked good when Sara Moulton prepared it on Cooking Live. It took quite some time to prepare, but it was well worth it. Having followed an existing recipe almost exactly, we’ll have to make this dish again, making it more our own.

2002-03-26 Filet Mignon and Stuffed Artichokes

A weekend trip to Fresh Fields inspired tonight’s meal of filet mignon and stuffed artichokes. The filet mignon were beautiful cuts of meat that we simply could not pass up upon finding them while strolling the aisles of one of our favorite groceries. Stuffed artichokes, a great side for any meal, complement the steak perfectly.

2002-03-27 Sausage & Peppers

Our weekend trip to Fresh Fields inspires another meal. Tonight it’s chicken sausage and peppers, served as a sandwich on sesame baguettes. Aside from being slightly healthier than pork sausage, the chicken sausage is very similar to a typical sausage. That is to say, it’s delicious. The unmistakable scent of this meal permeates our kitchen, even several hours after the last bite. We’ve got two sausage links leftover, what will tomorrow bring to top this?

2002-03-28 Sausage Pizza

We cooked up four sausage links last night, but could only eat 2 of them. Fortunately, we had already planned to have pizza tonight. We tweak our pizza dough recipe slightly and enjoy some truly excellent pizza.

2002-03-30 Salmon Teriyaki and Leftover Edo Sushi

We enjoyed a late dinner last night of Edo Sushi takeout. We purposefully ordered extra sides of rice and miso soup to serve as sides for tonight’s main dish – salmon teriyaki.