Meals from May 2002

2002-05-02 Egg Sandwiches and Fries

It was a hard day all around. Our boy didn’t nap. A late day at work. Torrential rains. An easy, but satisfying, meal was definitely called for. We made use of some items that we had lying around to make some Salmon Egg Sandwiches. All right, we specifically bought the smoked salmon with a meal like this in mind, but did have to make do with pantry items and leftovers for many of the remaining ingredients. Some baked fries on the side complete the meal nicely. In case you’re wondering, those purple things in the picture are chive blossoms, fresh from our herb garden.

2002-05-04 Hot Dogs on the Grill

Ah, weekend grilling – we’ve missed it. We cleaned the house, ran some errands, mowed the lawn and we were ready. Rain had been threatening, but was holding off. We baked some potato fries, grilled the hot dogs and enjoyed a nice meal.

2002-05-05 Grilled Steak Fajitas

In honor of Cinqo de Mayo, we were grilling with propane again today – chipotle orange steak fajitas. We got a cut of steak labelled as “London Broil” from Graul’s Market yesterday. We think it was a top round, but whatever cut it was, it was delicious. It was a large cut, maybe 2 inches thick, so extra cooking time was required. This was a very nice way to end the week.

2002-05-06 Mu Shu Vegetables

We’ve been looking forward to tonight’s vegetarian chinese meal for a while. We prepared for the meal with a trip to our local market (Graul’s) for our regular shopping. A trip to Trader Joe’s secured some of the more exotic ingredients.

2002-05-09 Meatballs, Sauce, and other Good Things

Nick is visiting, which means we have fresh supplies straight from Brooklyn. To accompany the Caputo’s italian bread, we go with fusilli with tomato sauce and meatballs. A salad with balsamic vinaigrette completes the meal. It’s hard to choose the best part of this meal – the meatballs are moist and flavorful, the sauce is thick and moderately spicy, the salad is wonderful as always, and the bread is… well, the bread is fresh from Brooklyn!

2002-05-11 Grilled Salmon with Papaya

We go for simple on Mother’s Day Eve by grilling some salmon (without even marinating it). We bake a potato as our simple side. Lime slices are our simple garnish. Our simple topping for the salmon is a papaya salsa, which might sound exotic, but its preparation was quite easy.

2002-05-13 Omelet Special

We had quite a feast for Mother’s Day, so tonight we’re doing leftovers – leftovers in style. The eggs that didn’t get used in the scrambled eggs, the chocolate chips pancakes, and the french toast go into the asparagus omelet. The home fries were simple leftovers. The fruit cup was a combination of leftovers and some frozen blueberries. Finally, the cinnamon toast was a good use of some sliced bread and the remainder of the cinnamon sugar used to top off the french toast.

2002-05-15 Salmon Bagels and Lemon Tarragon Salad

We were either going to have calzones or bagel sandwiches tonight. The calzones will have to wait for another night – we were just too busy today. For a second choice, this wasn’t a bad meal at all. As everyone knows, smoked salmon is the perfect companion to a bagel with cream cheese. The tangy lemon tarragon salad completes the meal perfectly. Oh yeah, we had fresh corn on the cob from John Brown (corner of Falls and Shawan).

2002-05-19 Maryland Crab Cakes

On a whim, we decided to have some crab cakes tonight. If you’re going to have crab cakes in Maryland, you simply must use the only true crab meat – Maryland crab meat. We went to Gibby’s seafood, where they recommended jumbo lump. We’re not sure if the jumbo lump was necessary, but it certainly produced one of the finest meals that we’ve enjoyed in a long time.

2002-05-20 Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs

This is one of those meals that breathes fresh life into all of us. Both kids are a little sick – nothing major, but enough to make them rather crabby. Our boy is at the age that he insists on sitting at the table – despite a bloody lip yesterday that would suggest he’s not quite ready. There was quite a bit of tension about, but after this meal everything seems better. We introduce cream cheese scrambled eggs tonight in addition to our usual breakfast fare.