New Year's Eve 2002

As is our tradition, we welcome the new year with loved ones and crab legs. This year, we enjoy the holiday with Erin, Sarah and Eric. We expand the menu from last year with a couple of appetizers and some desserts. And alcohol. Plenty of it.
That’s quite a menu, but as feasts go, this was relatively easy to prepare. No, really. The shrimp and cocktail sauce were both prepared early in the afternoon. There isn’t much preparation for crackers and dip. The cookies were all prepared a day or two ahead of time.

Of the remaining items, Chris lent a rare hand by making the cheesies and the popcorn balls. The crabs, although the centerpiece to the meal, were very easy to fix.

The risotto was probably the most difficult item to prepare. Fortunately, Eric offered to do the necessary stirring. As sous-chefs go, he could stand to listen to directions better, but still did a solid job.

After dinner, over coffee and dessert, we play board games until well after midnight. New Year’s Eve 2002 will be remembered for the Simpson’s Clue tournament, which introduced the “Sarah defense” – dragging Marge (Sarah) between two rooms. It might seem unsportsmanlike, but believe us, it’s the only way to beat her. We enjoyed ourselves so much we barely noticed the passing of the 2002. We’re already looking forward to the end of 2003!

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