Meals from December 2002

2002-12-02 Cajun Shrimp

Sarah came over for her semi-regular Monday night meal. We serve some of our favorite red-meat free dishes: cajun shrimp and black bean soup. As these are old favorites, there are no new recipes for our cookbook, though we peel the shrimp prior to cooking it, which works well enough that we’ll probably update the recipe in the future.

2002-12-09 Meat

Sarah was not here tonight so we have meat – and lots of it! We’re still a little under the weather here, so we relucantly informed Sarah that it would probably be best to skip this week’s meal. Misfortune does present the opportunity to shuffle meals such that we enjoy this (very) red-meat based dinner.

2002-12-18 Broccoli Pasta and Fried Mozzarella

Everybody is healthy today. For the most part. Tonight’s meal is inspired by a need to use the fresh broccoli purchased this weekend and by a lack of strength due to all of the illnesses that have been floating around our little house. Hopefully the goodness of the broccoli and a little mozzarella will keep everyone healthy for a while.

2002-12-24 Christmas Eve 2002

It’s Christmas already. Wow. Christmas Eve dinner is at our house this year. Grammy, Boppy, Brian, Kristen and Erin all come over for a feast. Some MP3 Christmas music, good food and good times with family – a perfect way to celebrate.

2002-12-27 Non-Vegetarian Pasta with Broccoli

The challenge tonight was to finish off Christmas Eve leftovers. There were a bunch of vegetables that did not get eaten, plus some proscuitto, which we completely forgot to serve. Since we hate for anything to go to waste, we enjoy one of the few pasta with broccoli recipes that can not be served to vegetarians.

2002-12-31 New Year's Eve 2002

As is our tradition, we welcome the new year with loved ones and crab legs. This year, we enjoy the holiday with Erin, Sarah and Eric. We expand the menu from last year with a couple of appetizers and some desserts. And alcohol. Plenty of it.