Meals from January 2003

2003-01-06 Tamales and Flounder

Despite two sound thrashings in Simpson’s Clue, Sarah comes for her regular Monday visit. We go with mexican cuisine tonight. The Trader Joe’s tamales that we’ve grown to love serve as the base of the meal. Around them we serve one of our regular favorites, two bean vegetarian chili, plus a new dish pan fried flounder.

2003-01-12 Steak Dinner

We owe Grammy and Boppy big time, so we start to work off our debt tonight. Since Boppy simply does not eat enough red meat, we serve a peppercorn steak as the centerpiece of tonight’s meal.

2003-01-13 Pancake Dinner

Breakfast is always a welcome dinner in our house. It’s easy on the adults and we know that the kids will eat. We made two extra baked potatoes for last night’s steak dinner with home fries in mind. We serve a delicious fruity yogurt as a side to add to the nutrition of the meal. We don’t have enough buttermilk in the house, so we have to forgo our beloved buttermilk pancakes in favor of a more standard pancake recipe.

2003-01-14 Soup and (Grilled Cheese) Sandwiches

Tuesdays are burger days for Chris. That means a lighter meal is in order for dinner. That translates into an old favorite of Robin’s, curry lentil soup. We serve that soup with grilled cheese – using some gruyère and emmentaler cheese.

2003-01-17 Sausage Pasta

Tonight’s lesson is: never send Chris shopping for sausage_. Basic supplies were needed last night, so Chris headed out for a quick SuperFresh jaunt. Robin made mention of a sausage special, which was more than was needed. Tonight, we find ourselves with one pound of hot italian sausage in the freezer, and need to make use of another pound. No problem – pasta">sausage pasta is quite capable of employing lots of sausage.

2003-01-19 Erin's Birthday

We celebrated Aunt Erin’s birthday over at Grammy and Boppy’s house today. We didn’t have to prepare anything – they served Bertucci’s pizza. As part of our gift on the occasion, we make some peanut butter cookies.

2003-01-22 Salmon Teriyaki

A dying cell phone almost prevented this meal, and that would have been a shame. Robin ran out of time to pick up salmon today. She gave Chris a quick call to ask him to pick up salmon. For some reason, her cell phone has been unable to charge of late. Fortunately, after a brief, somewhat tense conversation, Chris got the message. He stopped off at Whole Foods on the way home. The result was this fabulous salmon meal.

2003-01-26 Super Chili

We had wanted to prepare buffalo wings with tonight’s chili, but we just didn’t have nearly enough time. Ah well, the chili more than stood on its own. Plus, it really fit in well with our time-limited evening as it’s quite easy to prepare. As something a little different add some simple fried tortilla strips.

2003-01-27 Pancake Dinner

No matter how tough the day, a pancake dinner is always a welcome ending. Today was one of those days, but it appeared that a pancake dinner was not going to save us – we had no buttermilk and we didn’t have enough milk for more standard pancake recipes. We’re nothing, if not resourceful, and substitute a yogurt/skim milk mixture for buttermilk in this recipe.

2003-01-29 Pesto Pasta

Pesto can be frozen. In fact entire meals can be frozen. It’s almost February, which means that we’ve been pining for fresh herbs from the garden for going on two months. We get that taste of summer tonight from the frozen pesto in the back of the freezer. In the summer version of the dish, we used fresh tomatoes. Tonight, sun-dried tomatoes complete the dish.

2003-01-31 Baked Pasta

We had this meal planned as soon as we had Wednesday’s meal planned. We made sure to have plenty of pasta leftover from that meal to serve as the base for tonight. Baking the pasta (and adding ricotta) keeps the meal fresh. Plus we enjoy a new salad tonight – with a garlic lemon parmesan dressing!