Meals from June 2004

2004-06-01 Pineapple Huevos Rancheros

We had ourselves a very Maryland holiday weekend. Which is to say, we had steamed crabs with Grammy, Boppy, Erin, Sarah, Eric and Olivia. We liked the salad that Grammy served so much that we “re-imagine” it tonight.

2004-06-05 Pasta with Clams—a Twist

Having dinner at home seems quite the accomplishment some days. Today left us weary by lunchtime. Fortune favored us today with a long afternoon nap by the baby, giving us time to recoup and ready ourselves for dinner. The family meal is similar to our usual pasta with clams, but with an Asian twist.

2004-06-07 Egg Wraps

Our son is finding being out of school difficult. Even though he did not have school on Mondays, he is still having difficulty accepting the new routine, “And tomorrow I’ll see Mrs. Bell?” Happily for all of us, dinner is still routine. Well, maybe not routine.

2004-06-08 Mess O' Grilled Cheese

It’s fancy grilled cheese for dinner tonight. They are fun to make, but a little on the messy side. We pile the bits that fall out on the side of our plates and enjoy.

2004-06-12 Halibut on the Grill

Dinner was healthy—healthy but not light. We grill up some halibut which would have been light on its own. To give weight to the meal, we serve the halibut with an Asian-style pesto and some buttered potatoes. The additions provide not only depth of flavor, but the sense that we actually ate a meal, not just some food