Meals from October 2002

2002-10-06 Roast Chicken

Robin was on her feet for quite some time for this meal, but man was it worth it. The chicken was perfect – a crispy, rosemary flavored skin and a fabulously juicy interior. We don’t make this meal as often as we ought to, but when we do, it’s usually on a Sunday. The effort required is more that we can typically invest on a weekday and leftover chicken is the best possible meal with which to start off the week. Oh, and we also had some baked sweet potatoes.

2002-10-08 (French Onion) Soup & Sandwich

This is one of those meals that sometimes makes us think that we might be too clever for our own good. We make an onion soup that doesn’t quite qualify as french because we don’t add bread and cheese. We make up for this deficiency by fixing a quick grilled cheese – with gruyère cheese. It’s a soup and sandwich meal and a french onion soup meal at the same time.

2002-10-09 Seafood Linguine

We’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible recently, which isn’t hard when you consider that tonight’s meal qualifies as simple yet elegant. The simple comes from a shortcut in the form of pre-packaged seafood from Trader Joe’s.

2002-10-14 Mafalde and Breaded Fish

Woo-hoo! Sarah’s back! We celebrate a weird school holiday with a very italian meal – one that Robin enjoyed many times as a little girl. We start with mafalde – the skinny lasagne noodles that are a family favorite. The second course is a breaded fish, which is something that Nanny always used to serve.

2002-10-21 Leftover Alfredo

The dish that kept on giving gives one last time tonight. Fresh off our nine hour plus round trip to Brooklyn yesterday, we weren’t much interested in an involved meal tonight. Fortunately, we had a meal in the can – some frozen spinach and the fettucine alfredo, which we had frozen after making far too much. Some reduced fat bacon tops both dishes well. Day old Caputo’s bread, straight from Brooklyn, completes the meal nicely.

2002-10-22 Quick Chicken Curry

Our daughter’s favorite place in the world is Superfresh. We’re not quite sure why or how that reflects on us as parents, but there are few places about which she gets so excited. A morning trip there results in the chicken that goes into the main course of tonight’s meal – a quick chicken curry. Spicy ginger carrots are the only side dish that we can muster tonight, but they fulfill their role as complementary side nicely.

2002-10-27 Fish `n' Chips

Robin has really got the frying thing down. What’s especially nice about fish and chips at home is that we get to enjoy it steaming hot, right out of the oil. We cheat a little with pre-packaged french fries, but we don’t have to do everything from scratch, now do we?

2002-10-28 Pasta with Chard

The first weekday without daylight savings time was a tough one. Chris got home much later than normal because he was coding Visual Basic. Any day, no matter how bad, is always made worse by Visual Basic. Robin wasn’t fairing much better with a not-so-little cold. Some comfort food was certainly welcome.

2002-10-30 Chicken, Red Pepper & Artichoke Sausage on the Grill

We bought some chicken sausage from Whole Foods yesterday. We like the sausages from there since they have such an interesting variety. Originally, we hadn’t planned on grilling them, but it was cold and it was wet today. Seemed like perfect grilling weather. We grilled some vegetables as well and served them over a little polenta. We finished some italian bread to complete the meal.

2002-10-31 Baja Fresh & Pumpkin Seeds

It was a busy day between gymnastics and our daughter’s Halloween party at school. We didn’t have much time to prepare a real meal, but we wanted to do something special to celebrate one of the family’s favorite holidays. It took us a while to come up with something, but then we had it – take out from Baja Fresh. Many things might better reflect Halloween spirit than Baja Fresh so we make up for it with some roasted pumpkin seeds.