Meals from September 2002

2002-09-02 A Labor Day Cookout

We shared a very large meal with Sarah and Eric this Labor day. It’s our considered opinion that we prepared proper proportions, especially given that the meal was supposed to be a combined effort. We’re not complaining though, since we get to keep lots of Eric’s Gorgonzola Star Pasta (and other dishes) for leftovers.

2002-09-03 Leftover Shrimp

We start working through the Labor Day leftovers with tonight’s meal. The shrimp and the grilled veggies form the base of a simple annatto shrimp dish. Some white rice and tostado chips complete the meal.

2002-09-04 Pasta with Chard

It’s a little hectic nowadays, so we went simple tonight. We’re both a little surprised that we haven’t made pasta with chard for the cookbook just yet. It’s one of our favorites from way back. A simple tomato cheese salad complements this pasta dish nicely.

2002-09-12 Simple Stir Fry and Egg Rolls

We’re finally getting back into a routine after our trip to Brooklyn for Nanny and Gramps’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration. We still don’t have many ingredients in the pantry so we make do with a relatively simple stir fry. The only requirement of stir fry in this house is baby corns, which both kids devour.

2002-09-14 Spaghetti Pie and Fried Eggplant

We’ve been considering spaghetti pie for several days now. Tonight, it serves as the centerpiece for a simple Saturday meal. We like the dish because it’s a little different, makes good use of leftovers and is quite tasty! The fried eggplant was tender and crispy, which adds up to delicious.

2002-09-16 Chicken Pad Thai

This was rather involved for a Monday afternoon meal. Fortunately Chris found an advanced copy of Monsters, Inc. to keep himself entertained whilst Robin created this pleasure (the kids may have also been watching the movie).

2002-09-17 Broccoli (and a little cheese) Soup

This was a true pick-us-up meal. We were all tired today – for lack of sleep and lots of things going on. All things considered, we weren’t really much in the mood for cooking. Somehow, Robin musters up the will to produce a meal. As usual, that meal was quite good – almost comfort food good – even though the soup that serves as the main course was more broccoli than cheese.

2002-09-18 Salmon Teriyaki and Grammy

A late meeting for Boppy means a welcome visit from Grammy. It also means good eats. The main course was a salmon teriyaki that was as good as any that we’ve prepared to date, which is saying alot since we’ve prepared so many different types. Perhaps it was the company or cooking the salmon in the more controlled heat of the stove (as opposed to the grill). Whatever the reason, it was delicious. Edamame and stir-fry soba noodles complete this asian themed meal. In a rarity for us, we even have a dessert tonight.

2002-09-24 Chili and Chips

We’ve really been wanting to do some crockpot cooking. The other mommies in Robin’s mommies group were talking about crockpot cooking last week, and we’re easily influenced. The chili was very similar to that from July, except that we didn’t add the beer in that recipe (and we cooked it in our crockpot!). The chips on the side are a staple in our mexican meals. They’re easy to prepare, low-fat, and tasty!

2002-09-28 Linguine with Clams and Caesar Salad

We think we made Grammy jealous tonight. After a short shopping trip with our daughter, she arrived to the smells of this meal. Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay to enjoy it with us – she and Boppy were off to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Hope they were able to get something this good!

2002-09-30 Saffron Seafood Stew

Well, it’s officially autumn which means more soups and stews. We start the season with a fairly simple and quite tasty seafood stew. The shortcut in this meal was using a frozen package of seafood from Trader Joe’s.