Meals from August 2002

2002-08-05 Pork Cutlets

Aunt Tara is visiting and we welcome her with a meal that holds some nostalgia for the Tripoli girls – pork cutlets. The dish is prepared in a similar fashion to the veal cutlets that they both remember from Nanny’s house. We serve some peas on the side, with some bacon (because peas and bacon are just so right for each other). Roasted potatoes are a must for any cutlets.

2002-08-06 Fettucine Alfredo

As is becoming tradition with us – if you stay for a visit, you’re going to be cooking a meal for us. Aunt Tara fulfills her end of the bargain admirably with this delicious and very filling fettucine alfredo meal. Just don’t tell anyone this recipe, it’s a secret…

2002-08-11 Leftover Fettucine Alfredo

We might have made a little too much fettucine alfredo the other night. We froze a portion of it and after defrosting it in the microwave, we bake it with some grated romano on top. The cheese gives the dish a thin crust. Together with some prosciutto, it makes a completely new meal from leftovers.

2002-08-12 Lasagne Rolls

Sarah and Erin came over tonight, which we used as an opportunity to make a dish we saw recently on Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals. Lasagne rolls are very similar to traditional lasagne, but with slightly easier preparation and much easier cleanup. A small salad and some bread completes the meal. Moxley’s ice cream follows a little while later.

2002-08-14 Cajun Shrimp and Fried Okra

Being south of the Mason-Dixon line sometimes gives us cravings for very southern meals. Tonight was one of those nights. The main course was a cajun shrimp that we’ve enjoyed before. Tonight, we serve the shrimp over grits (not the instant, of course). We both agree that the shrimp is significantly better over grits than over rice. To complete the meal, we enjoy some fresh, fried okra. Them’s some good eats.

2002-08-18 Artichoke Tomato Frittata

Chris was finishing some leftover steamed crabs tonight, so Robin needed a quick easy meal for herself. Since you can never go wrong with a frittata, Robin whips up one with artichokes and tomatoes.

2002-08-20 Shrimp Skewers and Cold Soup

With just over a month left in the summer of 2002, we realized with something of a jolt that we had yet to make this very summer-y meal. The shrimp skewers are quite easy to prepare, yet are different from other shrimp dishes, which are typically sauteed. In addition to doing the summer/grilling thing, we also enjoy gazpacho, which is about as summer as you can get.

2002-08-23 Brian, Kristen, Fusilli and Tiramisu

Brian and Kristen take time out of their busy schedule of packing to join us for dinner and dessert. We serve fusilli with a mushroom based sauce to appease Brian’s vegetarian appetite. Despite being vegetarian, the dish is still very hearty – the sauce is thick and the mushrooms add a meat-y flavor. We also serve an herbed white bean spread with some italian bread and salad with balsamic vinaigrette. While all this was very nice, the rest of the meal was but a distant memory after we enjoyed Kristen’s famous tiramisu

2002-08-26 Grilled Chicken and Pesto Pasta

We were hoping for a visit from Grammy and Boppy tonight, but it was not to be. They missed out on some very tasty grilled chicken, marinated in a garlic lemon mixture. We also found a very nice use for the fresh basil that we picked up at the farmer’s market yesterday.

2002-08-27 Pesto Chicken Sandwich

One of the best things about chicken dishes is that they’re even better leftover – especially when served cold. We re-use the grilled chicken from last night’s meal as the primary ingredient in a sandwich tonight. Some toasted italian bread, fresh tomatoes, and pesto make these simple sandwiches special.

2002-08-28 Clam Strips and Boiled Red Potatoes

We wanted something easy for dinner tonight so we heated up some Mrs. Paul’s clam strips. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, we made a tartar sauce. We add some jalapenos to the tartar sauce to give a little kick. Boiled, buttered potatoes and some tomatoes slices (known as b’tatoes and b’tatoes to our daughter) round out the menu.