Meals from February 2005

2005-02-03 Snow and the Simple Pasta

A home-cooked meal is a rare thing this week. Rare, but welcome. It snowed heavily this afternoon—yet another weather event for which the weatherman failed to provide warning. The kids’ behavior before dinner was not stellar. Robin was sick. All of which made the pasta topped with homemade sauce and sauteed spinach taste that much better.

2005-02-08 Math Night!

Dinner precedes a big evening. It is “Math Night” at our daughter’s school. We will have a very disappointed little girl on our hands if we are not at school on time. But first, we have to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

2005-02-13 Observing a 4 Year Old

Erin came over to observe our son for her masters class. He very much enjoyed reading to his aunt—especially Freight Train, which is perfect for a little boy who like things with wheels. After the reading session, we convinced Erin to stay for dinner. We served pasta with sauce.

2005-02-20 Leftovers and Kid Cookies

The highlight of the evening was dessert. Dinner was an unremarkable collection of leftovers. Dessert, however, was a moist, chocolatey collection of brownie-cookies prepared by a fabulous mother-daughter cooking team.

2005-02-21 Presidential Salmon

This fine President’s day finds the kids off from school. For lunch, everyone visits Chris at work. For dinner, we have an even bigger treat—Erin comes to dinner.

2005-02-22 Leftovers XIX: Salmon Cakes

Another big meal last night means another round of leftovers tonight. Not that we mind in the least. We prefer to serve too much rather than too little. We certainly do not want to leave our guests wanting more. And leftovers allow us to do interesting things the next day, like tonight’s salmon cakes.

2005-02-25 Snowy Day Cookies

Robin and the kids were stuck inside. Again. To keep everyone constructively occupied, they made alphabet cookies. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Edo Sushi, then everyone ate lots of cookies for dessert.

2005-02-27 She's Only ¼

It is the baby’s first birthday. She was born on leap day, so we can try to delude ourselves into believing that our baby is not yet a year old. We can try, but, amazingly, it has been a year.