Meals from March 2005

2005-03-05 A Friendly Game of Spades

Tonight, we continue a little family grudge match. This particular grudge has hung over since New Year’s Eve. It’s spades. Sarah and Robin vs. Eric and Chris. But first, we feast.

2005-03-09 Very Cheap, Very Good Calzones

As far as we are concerned, this was a perfect meal. It was delicious, filling, involved very little clean-up, and it was darn cheap.

2005-03-14 Buffalo Chicken Dinner

We transform our dinner table into a greasy spoon. A greasy spoon with crispy, juicy, hot buffalo-style chicken. And fries. Of course there were fries.

2005-03-19 Mom's Puttanesca

We had planned this meal as a simple yet hearty ending to the week. Things changed a little when our son got sick yesterday. It ended up being quick and satisfying for the healthy among us. In other words, tonight’s dinner is nothing, if not versatile.

2005-03-20 Pancake Dinner for Erin

The first day of spring is pretty miserable. Rainy all day. Even some thunder. Happily there is Sunday dinner. A dinner made that much better by a visit from Erin.

2005-03-31 Soup For the Sick

Chris came down with the flu on Easter. He made it to work yesterday and today, but is still not feeling all that well. To help speed his transition back to health, we enjoy some soup for dinner.